WeldingDroid X2 – Welding Station

X2 Welding Station from WeldingDroid

Portable welding solution with X2.

WeldingDroid X2 makes pipe welding more accessable across industries, by making welding easier to setup, faster to replicate and less stressful for the welder. WeldingDroid X2 improves operational efficiency and optimises the level of quality by i9mproving consistency of the welds and enables the operator to be available for other tasks.


X2 features and benefits.


Welding larger pipes.

  • For welding pipes above 4”/100mm.
  • Typical welding is 3-6 times faster than traditional welding with Argon.
  • Welding operation becomes faster and easier with WeldingDroid X2.
  • Reduze human interaction in the weld process.


  • Weld pipes from Ø100 to Ø1000 with WeldingDroid X2.
  • Oscillation with stops is an integrated option.
  • Weld lengths from 600 mm – and a variety of applications can be welded.
  • Carbon steel, stainless, high alloy can all be welded.
  • TIG, MIG/MAG and AC/DC welding is possible.
  • Obtain autnomous welding with the seam tracking camera you will make it fully autonomous.
  • Automated seam tracking during welding.
  • Free welder time while automated welding is performed.
  • Increased operational productivity, by reduzing defective finished products not meeting requirements.


Data collection.

  • DroidHub online data collection for relevant WPS data collected and stored for documentation purposes.
  • Wireless controller with pre-set weld parameters from our cloud based system DroidData, depending on application and power source.
  • Display of all weld data in our DroidDisplay dashboard and on our app for iOS and Android.

Welding ROI – Return on investment.

  • Increased productivity with WeldingDroid.
  • Skilled welders are not tied up in low tech operations but can do more profitable work.
  • No need for corrections of welding errors, the MiniDroid has a consistent high welding quality.