Welding Articles – Shortage of skilled welders

Lack of skilled welders

In time of challenge to find skilled welders.

Nowadays during time of challenge to find available skilled welders for monotone and repetetive welding tasks it might be interesting to look for autmoate welding systems for such repetitive tasks. While there is always a high demand and need of skilled workers for suppervising the welding process and for quality control – new welding systems make it easier to automate the monotone tasks. WeldingDroid from Denmark has made a number of flexible and modulized welding systems which aim to be easy and fast to setup – and to acheive excelence in the actual weld process.


Create a high level of synergy for welding tasks.


When the WeldingDroid has been setup – the skilled welder can perform other importnant tasks in the facility – even setup other welding tasks while the WeldingDroid automated weld system is performing surperb welds and earning money for the owner – and thereby acheive higher level of synergy for the welder and the owner.