Learn welding terminology with WeldingDroid

Some abverations and terminologies used in welding industry.

Learn welding terminology with WeldingDroid.

AVC:Automated Voltage Control a.k.a. Arc Voltage Control.
Oscillation:Side to side manipulation of a weld in progress.
Root pass:A welding root pass is the first pass in a welding process – so the root pass joins two pieces into one structure. Subsequent passes increase the weld depth to the desired thickness to acheive strength. The root pass usually provides the base for subsequent filler passes.
Root filler:A welding filler is some material added to the welding process typical in form of a rod or wire. The filler meterial can be of various material depending on the material being welded together.
Cap:On a TIG torch the purpose of a back cap is to push down onto the collet in the tig torch head and secure the tungsten electrode firmly into place.
Data Collection.In a weldingDroid system Data Collection refers to the collection of various welding data into a cloud based DroidHub.
TIG:Tungsten Inert Gas.
MIG:Metal Inert Gas.
MAG:Metal Active Gas.
Kemppi:Welding equipment manufacture that sometimes is a component in a WeldingDroid system.
Coldwire:The cold wire TIG system feeds welding filler material at desired speed with continuous or pulsed feeding and helps increase in productivity of welder, reduces stoppage, grinding needs and welder fatigue.
Hotwire:Hot wire gas tungsten arc welding (HW-GTAW) process is a modified gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) process in which the filler wire is pre-heated before entering the weld pool.
Wirefeeder:A wire feeder is an automated process of feeding the filler wire into the weld pool.
øMeans the diameter of the tube being welded on.
WSWorkStation WeldingDroid model for large pipes and tubes.
X2External 2 WeldingDroid model for bigger pipes and tubes.
MiniDroidMin WeldingDroid machine for smaller pipes and tubes.
PurgeMasterInnovative device for reducing the consumption of gas.